How can I get involved?

We thought you would never ask! The Bikery is a 100% volunteer-run project. All our programs are driven by folks who love bicycles and want to support community empowerment, and are volunteering their time to make things happen. The Bikery is always looking for - and thrilled to have - anyone interested in helping folks learn and get on bikes in a safe, supportive environment. If you're interested in getting started volunteering with the Bikery, just come in on a day/time that we're open and let one of the volunteers know.

The perks of becoming a full volunteer is great: you can call yourself one of The Bikery, use the shop at your discretion, and get near-wholesale prices from bicycle parts distributors, and pro-deals from a few cycling industry outfits (clothes, shoes, etc.).

Drop In Volunteering during open hours

Feel free to come in any time we are open and help out or just check out the shop.  You don't need to have any mechanical experience, though it is helpful.  We have a lot of work available for people with little or no mechanical skills, so just ask the shift lead how you can help. As of writing, we have discontinued the work-trade program, so you can no longer store earn credit by volunteering, but we greatly appreciate any help!

Scheduled Shifts and Core Members

You can also get your own shift at the bikery, or become a core member! To begin this process, you must attend an orientation, work some shadow shifts, and be able to commit for a couple of months to coming in every week for your scheduled shift.

Come to a general meeting/steering committee meeting

We have a general meeting that is open to everyone to talk about issues going on in the Bikery every 1st Sunday at 7:00pm.  Meetings are usually held at someone's place, so you'll need to contact us if you'd like to join. We do get heavy into the nuts and bolts of Bikery issues, but you don't have to stay the whole time. It is a good way to meet Bikery folks and get plugged into the project.

Volunteer in a Specific Area

We have specific areas where we need help. Right now we talk about the following topics at our steering committee:

  • Fundraising - Help us write grants or put on fundraising events to keep our project funded. Programming and Communications - Help plan classes, events, and promote the Bikery through different media sources.
  • Finance - Help keep the finances in order and make updates to our budget.
  • Communications - Help spread the word about the Bikery and our classes
  • Teach a Class - We are always looking for people to help teach our classes. Help us teach basic maintenance, components classes, or do your own class.

Offer your special skills

You probably have a specialized skill that you can offer. Maybe you are an artist, carpenter, plumber, bookeeper, computer specialist, grant writer, etc. We always need help getting stuff done.

Start by coming in when we're open

In order to teach classes or have a regular volunteer shift you will eventually need to get an orientation on our teaching style and the shop. It's easiest afor you to just come in when we're open.