About Us

Our Mission: The Bikery uses collaborative, hands-on education in bicycles and cycling to liberate movement and increase access to knowledge, and to share the revelation that all forms of knowledge can be earned without permission.

Although we look a lot like a bike shop, we are not one. When you visit our shop we will not fix your bike for you, but instead will help you fix your own bike. Learn more about our shop services here.

We are an all-volunteer run, non-profit community bike project located in Seattle, in Hiawatha Place Art Lofts. We are here to provide the tools and resources to help you learn about your bike and fix it yourself. We strive to create an inviting framework to engage people from all backgrounds regardless of gender, sexual orientation, race, class, age, or ability. Together we can define and implement our vision of community and bicycle culture.

Upcoming Events and Classes

Please visit the calendar page to see our full schedule.

The Bikery in the News

"This co-op bike shop will teach you to fix your own damn bike (and that matters)" - Grist

"Seattle" - Momentum Magazine

"Seattle to the World: Fix it. Ride it. Teach Others" - WorldChanging Seattle

"Mechanically Savvy Volunteers Demystify Bicycle Culture" - South Seattle Beacon

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